Astilbe - Europa

Plant Name:               Astilbe Europa (False Spirea)
Technical name:         Astilbe Japonica 'Europa'
Plant Family / Type:    Saxifragaceae
Preferred location:      Shade / Partial Shade
                                 Can grow in Sunny beds as long as receiving plenty of moisture
Mature height:            18”    24”
Mature Width:             1’    2’
Growth Rate / Habit:    Moderate / Upright, Clump-forming
Flower / Foliage:
·    Puffy Pale-Pink plumes flowers (pyramidal-shaped)– late Spring / early Summer
·    Blooms will occur sooner and last longer in partial morning sun
·    Feathery Fern-like glossy-Green leaves
Companion Plants:
·    Hostas, Coral Bell, border Phlox
Preferred soil:
·    Rich, moist and well-drained soil.  Also slightly acidic
·    Tough plants and easy to grow as long as they do not dry out
·    As shoots and foliage appear, increase water frequency.  Foliage will crinkle and turn brown when it’s dry
Pruning and Maintenance:
·    No need to prune or deadhead.  Flower heads can be dry naturally for added interest in Fall and Winter
·    Propagate by Division
·    Divide every 4-5 years to maintain plant vigor and discourage pest problems – Spring or after flowering or mid-to-late August
·    Before dividing, water the plants well.  Then dig up the clumps and pull the roots apart by hand or knife or spade.  Replant the divisions with room to spread and water generously
·    Fertilize with a high-nitrogen fertilizer